Here are some of the Pinball Machines that we have for sale. We have lots of pinball machines available, if you don't see it on our list, call or e-mail us with a request. We will check our warehouse or route. All of the machines on our list have been overhauled and you become a club member upon purchase. Note price option. First price is regular incandescent bulbs as they were originally. Second price is with the option of the machine being overhauled including replacing all of the bulbs with LED's. Some machines have already been updated with the new LED bulbs and are marked. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Funds and do not include taxes or shipping. When paying by cash or cheque (for your pinball machine purchase) we will give you a 5% cash discount off the below prices.

Last updated: September 22, 2014

Bally, El Toro 1972 1050.00/1175.00 Electro-Mechanical
Zaccaria, Moon Flight 1976 1050.00/1175.00 Electro-Mechanical
Interflip, Dragon 1977 1365.00/1475.00 Electro-Mechanical
Sonic, Faces 1976 1575.00/1695.00 Electro-Mechanical
Chicago Coin, Big League 1965 1470.00/1550.00 Electro-Mechanical, bad backglass
Gottlieb, Charlies Angels 1978 1785.00/1935.00 Electronic, flaking back glass
Gottlieb, Close Encounters SS 1978 1865.00/1995.00 Electronic
Williams, Space Shuttle 1984 1995.00/2145.00 Electronic
Bally, Paragon 1979 1995.00/2145.00 Electronic
Williams, Firepower 1980 2310.00/2495.00 Electronic
Bally, Medusa 1981 2310.00/2495.00 Electronic
Gottlieb, Street Fighter 2 1992 2945.00/3195.00 Electronic
Gottlieb, Rescue 911 1994 3050.00/3295.00 Electronic
Gottlieb, Freddy Nightmare on Elm St. 1994 3195.00/3445.00 Electronic
Data East, Leathal Weapon 3 1992 3050.00/3295.00 Electronic
Gottlieb, Waterworld 1995 3400.00 LED'd Electronic
Gottlieb, Shaq Attack 1994 3050.00/3295.00 Electronic
Gottlieb, Cue Ball Wizard 1992 3050.00/3295.00 Electronic
Sega, Bay Watch 1994 2945.00/3195.00 Electronic, 6 player
Sega, Harley Davidson 1999 5470.00 LED'd Electronic, 6 player, LAST SEGA
Williams, Earthshaker 1989 2840.00/3095.00 Electronic
Bally, World Cup Soccer 1994 3890.00/4140.00 Electronic
Williams, Star Wars Episode 1 2000 5475.00/LED'd Electronic LAST WILLIAMS
Stern, Playboy 2002 4945.00/5195.00 Electronic
Stern, Avitar 2010 5475.00/LED'd Electronic

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